Farm House living is fast becoming a new trend for Indians staying in Metro cities. Urbanites have increasingly begun to invest in farms and farm houses away from cities for more reasons than one. Generally, farm house investments are done to have their farm house as their exclusive private property. As and when they get a feeling to take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life overwhelming them, families take a drive and reach a place of their own amidst nature within proximity reach.

Why The HillCrest Investment is a great opportunity?

The HillCrest project carries a vision of offering futuristic investment option for a land on the green hills, with great amenities and offering convenience and budget buy. The layout is planned in such a way to offer plots for farm houses at an attractive budget for all.

Below are salient features of The HillCrest Project.

For self-employed business people and salaried professionals residing in cities like Hubli, going through the process of buying a non-agricultural(NA) plot, do farming activities, and cultivating crops can be time-consuming, tiresome and a distantly tedious process. To make life a little easier for such individuals, The HillCrest offers an unique long term wealth creation opportunity to own their own farm house plot on a hilltop. The hillCrest has about an acre area allocated for organic orchard plantation.

The HillCrest keeps high regards for its investors and ensures they have the best experience with owning, constructing and maintaining their asset. We welcome you to the site with open arms and would like to showcase this unique investment opportunity to be with Mother Nature all the time.